Minerals and Ores Are Resources - Humans are PEOPLE

On this website, we explain Earth Rights, which are the foundation to a morally-just and legally-logical society with Liberty and Economic Opportunity for All.

Our essential human rights are premised on being able to utilize the Earth's land and resources. With these secured, we may add freedom of choice - the right to choose with whom we will cooperate and on which endeavors. Other rights, such as freedom of Speech, Religion, and so on, are only relevant when our primary needs can be met through our own, voluntary, efforts. For all persons to be "created equal," they must have equal access to "creation." This is true whether you believe the "Creator" to be "God" or "The Universe" - the principle remains consistent.

Clearly, we do not have the basic human rights of free persons within the status-quo system. Correcting this injustice will make Liberty possible and popular; it is the key to a lasting, humane, and civil society. Regardless of the socio-economic system in which one wishes to participate, be it collectivist or individualist, the only paradigm within which new voluntary paradigms may be tested and realized, is one that respects the individual's right to their share of the Earth. .

Your Empowerment, via reclaiming the life-support system your body requires to function, is a threat to the powerful criminals who benefit from the status-quo - a system of "coin-operated life-support" which demands servitude to an 'authority' in exchange for nutrition and shelter. Is it any wonder that the political options, offered in the mainstream, are a choice between 'right-wing' direct-elite-power, via corporate-authority, and 'left-wing' indirect-elite-power, via government-authority? Individual Power is never "on the table" and, therefore, Neither is Freedom.

The Foundations of Liberty and Tyranny - A Sane Framework

  • Those who control the planet's resources directly control the lives of all others who depend on them. This is the Primary Mechanism Which Creates a System of Servitude.

  • The Earth's Resources were Not Created by Any Person; therefore, we each have a Birthright to Our Share of them - Individually, Not Collectively via government or "committee."

  • When Individuals Directly Control their Earth-Shares, Provided by the Creator/Universe, they become Autonomous / Sovereign Persons with Access to the Basics of Life and Resources to Trade.

  • Autonomous Individuals can participate in a Fair And Free Market and Cooperate Voluntarily with others in the production of products and services - not Under Duress, out of Fear of Hunger or Homelessness if they Refuse to Serve.

  • Left and Right solutions Will Not Set Us Free because Both Deprive Us of Control Over Our Lives. Governments and Corporations have neither the Trust nor the Qualifications to Manage our Shares of the Earth's Resources nor to Provide Individuals with the Necessities of Life.

By recognizing and applying these simple axioms, we will live in a humane world, where our lives are Not Driven by Fear of what will happen if we do not "Follow the Orders" of Corporate or Government Managers in exchange for Permission to Live and Thrive On Our Planet.

The first step to Freedom is understanding where we stand today within the Status-Quo System. Below are summaries of a few basic concepts which help us attain a more critical analysis of our roles. These concepts are explored in greater detail in the pages found through the links on the left.

Hoarding the Earth and its Mineral Resources

No Person Created the Land of the Earth upon which we build our homes and cultivate or food; nor did they create the abundant energy and mineral sources within it. Therefore, we have the right to our shares of these, and do not need to buy them back from some self-appointed entity falsely claiming ownership - any more than we need to "earn" our next gulp of air.

Our Land and Our Resources have been Stolen by Thieves. If anyone but the Individual controls their share of the God/Universe-Created Planet which provides the basics of life - our Life Support System - that Individual is clearly Forced into Subservience under those who have this control - who can deprive them of a place to be, and the means to produce their food.

When we regain Our Shares of the Earth no Sovereign shall ever be Conscripted by Fear into Laboring for anyone else. Nor will there be any justification for forcing individuals to pay Taxes to Corrupt Governments in exchange for band-aid remedies to the inherent injustices and social problems which are the direct result of the Theft of Our Birthright - Our Shares of the Earth.

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Returning Stolen Property to Individuals is not Communism

A Trick often used by those trying to preserve the Status-Quo, is to convince people to dismiss new ideas by comparing them with failed systems of the past. The "Individualization" of Non-Man-Made Land and Resources is the Opposite of Totalitarianism - both the Left's "nationalization" and the Right's "privitazation."

Let no one confuse Returning Stolen Property to Individual Control with any form of State-Power By-Force system - either the Socialist Paradigm whereby Bureaucratic Masters use Taxes and Regulations to Enslave, or the Communist Paradigm whereby these same Bureaucratic Masters control directly the Land and Resources on which we depend to live. Nor can the Earth-Shares System be compared to the "Brutal Market" scheme, Most Clever Con-Artist Take All, which does not recognize our Birthright to Our Share of the Earth's Land and Resources.

Our Earth-Share System apportions the land and resources of Our Earth to us Individually - not Collectively - to Use and Trade as we choose as Individuals. Groups of sovereign individuals will certainly form to cooperate on shared goals, and they may adopt the organizational model of their choice.

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What is Money, Really??

Money Must Function Only as a Means of Exchange - Not a System of Debt-Based Enslavement. The current Monetary System is designed to Enslave. The poorer one is, the more one requires debt to survive, accruing with each toothache, auto-repair, or other cost which exceeds our ever-shrinking paychecks. Poverty also correlates with higher interest-rates, charged by the Bankster criminals, making escape from this criminal usury and the Cycle of Poverty impossible.

Conversely, the Elites Make From Money, Without Producing any Product - simply by taking advantage of the vulnerability of the poor and middle classes need for credit for which they charge "interest."

When we all have Earth-Shares to trade, we can cut out the Bankster-middlemen and combine Our Time and Our Resources to build Enterprises structured in forms as varied as our imaginations.

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What is the Source of Violence, War and Devaluing Human Life?

From the ancient past to the present-day, we find one Unbroken Constant in the behavior of the Elites: They value our lives Less Than Cattle. Since the dawn of written history, a handful of families in each nation have promulgated wars, preying upon our naivete and desire to protect our loved ones in order to to goad us to fight with each other. As well, millions have starved because they were denied their share of the Earth to cultivate.

The horrific lack of compassion is the Direct Result - the Logical Result - of the Status-Quo System which dominates our planet - a system which rewards callous behavior towards others and creates a special place for Psychopathological Persons at its Apex. The term "ponerology" provides one model for understanding the Elites' mindset.

Most people cannot conceive of this degree of evil. In fact, it is our kind-hearted ignorance in this arena which forms the psychological-underpinning of the Status-Quo System; Our Human Decency obfuscates the truth of Our History and our Role as Subservients From Our Mind's Eye.

Let us not be fooled and led into conflict against one another again! Until we stop fighting with each other over the terms of our enslavement, we cannot eliminate the source of violence and enslavement in the world.

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This Is Not The "Natural Order"

The Status-Quo System is Not the Natural Order of Humanity - it is an Imposed Order which was Created under Feudalism and Forced Upon Our World during the Colonial-Feudal Era. Since the turn of the last century, when technological advances made scarcity unnecessary, a coercive system of deprevation has been maintained through Artificial Scarcity. Products are designed to break, instead of last. Lighbulbs designed to burn-out and need replacement, instead of last 100 years or more (as some earlier designs did). Scarcity did not exist within peaceful Hunter-Gatherer societies which lived in a world of abundance, and it need not exist today given the abundance of available energy and the labor-saving tools resulting from technological development.

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Misdirection and False-Reforms

Democratic Elections have done nothing more than create a false veneer of imaginary justice to mask Our Subservient Roles. Each so-called "solution" to a problem, whether it be racial or gender equality, or safe working conditions, has been addressed by increasing the amount of control OVER our lives by a system of government bureaucrats, who have always, throughout history, been Serving Elite Power, not Our Interests.

Thus far, our fight for "Social Justice" through compromise and reform has given us Charity instead of self-reliance, Labor Unions instead of control over our careers and life-time and, to those most deprived and abused by the system, Social Programs which exchange food and shelter for dignity and family-sovereignty. These may have temporarily reduced the Degree of Harshness under which some of us Toil, but they certainly did not provide us with Freedom. Instead, they have increased our dependence on Governments and Elite-controlled Corporations to meet our most basic needs.

Social Programs were never designed as Solutions or Cures - they were designed, by the Elites' own Foundations and Think-Tanks, to Perpetuate Subservient Roles by functioning as Analgesics - applied to the Malignant Disease Formerly Known as Slavery or Serfdom which has Chronically Afflicted Human Civilization For Their Benefit.

Where our Earth-Rights system differs most from "protest" or "reform" movements is that we understand that only by Changing the Fundamentals of the Status-Quo can we hope to bring about Universal Autonomy - the only Enduring source of Liberty. To this end, the Autonomy=Freedom portion of this website outlines how we can bring about Freedom for Everyone, Forever.

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More complete analysis of the Status Quo and the Earth-Shares system are provided via the Links in the Top Menu of this page.

Change is constant, but Civil human interactions can transcend the cycles of human progress. Violence and coercion, used to "preserve the existing order" (conservatism) or to "build a new order"(liberalism) are fruit of a common poisonous tree - the hierchical rationing of the Earth and its Natural Resources, our Life Support System, to benefit some people and to control others. Liberty demands we end this system.

ThievElites - a Parasitic Cartel which emits hallucinogenic messages via Televisions, Radios, and the Printed Word which causes those who ingest it, without the acquired immunity of critical thought, to serve the Cartel as Willing Slaves in exchange for plastic toys with flashing lights, bigger televisions, and smaller radios.